Pulled in opposite directions.

Last year I went to the Windham UCI World Cup, slept in a hammock, hung with friends, put a number plate on, spectated the DH, heckled the Pros XC.

heckle horn
She was fantastic…she took pics with us.
World Cup
Chainsaw Donnie got a TON of press from this weekend.

I was soo looking forward to it again…until 24 Hours of Great Glen announced it was their last year.  24’s are going the way of the dodo…so who knows when and where I’ll be able to race one again.  Also, 24HOGG is so fantastic because of the effort GG put in to include kids and family members, it literally is like the families forget were there for a race.  The team started talking about doing it because it’s the last one.  At the last minute Gary is join Jeff Roy and I.  I spent nearly every waking hour of TSE with Gary…he’s good people for sure.


So the wife and kids are coming, Jeff is bringing his family, Taylor his and Chip his… this will truly be a festival under the guise of a race.  Spending half the morning talking about 24HOGG has increased the stoke for sure! This year, being the last, there is a first ever Friday night party… MOAT Mountain is having a private underground undeclared but sure to be well attended bash…somehow there is a rumor started about the MOAT Mountain beer flowing like the river Styx, sorry about that… I’m genuinely excited and we haven’t even gotten to the part where we race bikes at night and listen to bagpipes in the morning!

I’ve had nothing but fun at 24 Hours of Great Glen, in the flood year of 2012 I show’d everyone how NOT to do the chutes in the peanut butter mud.


And in the midst of my 5th and best lap of the day (the trail started getting faster) I had a slight mechanical and ended up running the last mile.




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