night rides

Met some of the boys last night for what was supposed to be a chill ride through the woods.  Ever notice how hard it is to make a ride chill when you’re riding a new fun bike?  Yay new bikes!  I had a little too much fun… ah well.  Trail was all but bone dry, combine that with the pollen and bugs… I had to hose the nonsense out of my eyes after it was over.

Bike drives really really nicely.  Last night the wheel was all but slammed…the chain stays in the neighborhood of 16.2 inches, or 412 mm if you like those type numbers (Dustin).  It made for fun cornering and whipping about… Sliders basically stayed put … at this point trying to find the happy spot for the 2.35 tire width on wide rims and the frame.  I have half links incoming, and some narrower tires… Because time is of the essence.  I’m confident I can find the solution, just need to put the time in…


Which leads me to DirtFest!  3 days of awesomeness with the family, both immediate and bike!  It’s the Year of the Matty B, don’t ya know… all sorts of craziness will ensue.  My kids need to be exposed to that shit anyway… can’t let them lead a sheltered life.  Quality time with my wife and girls in a festival atmosphere centered around Mountain Bikes…winning at life. They’ll be skills clinics lead by Sue attended by Lynn and K and perhaps M. I’m going to learn some things from Harlan.  Camping hanging out…jiffy pop, s’mores, and beers. 

Last year TSE hosted a costume ride…super duper fun times.  Some of us were wondering if it was going to happen again, and sure enough Shanna stepped up and asked the DF crew on FB.  So far no answers but I bought a costume anyway…because. We’ll see how many show up with costumes, not that it matters to me. 


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