Are you FCKN kidding me… It can’t be Sunday night. I get word on Thurs from Kris at 44 that the decals arrived and we’re a go.  Fantastic, but…the rub it’s Mother’s Day weekend, Lynn is heavily involved in the Dog Club and this weekend is super important to the club.  So I talk to Lynn and tell her I want to drive to NH pick up the frame and come back the same day… I’m in a time crunch, TSE is weeks away, DirtFest next weekend, and I need to get it dialed in.  I talk to Maggs Quags and Doug about building it, Doug is away but offers his shop, Maggs is doing the farm living and he Quagabow want to make it happen!  Chat with Lynn some more, she says stay the night… You’ll be to tired to drive home. Wait what?! I’m going for a shake down ride with Jesse and Maggs on Mother’s Day AM and then heading back. 

Sat AM a 4A wake up, head to field and Marshall the gallery atop a horse.  The QFactor was seriously FCKD…after 4 hours my hips not happy. Was that cross training?   Matching wits and wants with a horse who wants his own way…not as exciting as it sounds. Other than him kicking another horse, it worked out. 


Catch a ferry and head to Lyndeborough to pick up the frame. Originally he had black decals on the frame, which made the blue darker and frankly I was antsy about it. We made the decision to go with silver and man did it POP. The color is way more appealing IRL.  We hung out for a spell talked about bikes, NC, plans for future rides and parted ways. 

I left excited, heading to Hartford to see friends have some Pho and build this bike!  In a little rural NH town where the speed limit fluxuates every so often I was cruising at about 60…in a 40, when I saw the trooper.  RuhRow.  I pulled over was polite, apologized, explained the scenario and I got a verbal warning…hallelujah! I took it easy the rest if the way.

Pull into Doug’s about 815P and we proceeded to cook Pho drink beers collect eggs and build the bike until 1A. There was so much awesomeness all a resplendent in laughter.  It was awesome to see Omega so spry, he’d had a tough go a while ago…it warmed my heart to see him so happy. 

A 6A wake up, hours after the rooster announced the day had begun, make coffee do farm chores.  Doug and Ginger get much credits…ish ain’t easy, as indicated by the 68 page instruction list. Much laughter and a statement of  ‘if Dough had a Nanny cam he’d be equally laughing his ass off and appalled.’ We got a little later start than we wanted and drove to Case. 

Case Mtn was like pea soup, what started out as a foolish AM quickly became a hot muggy mess. First hot and muggy ride of the year…and I felt it. 

Bike. Bike was awesome.  Still dialing it in, it’s fun and playful… steering slightly slower, back end much much quicker, it likes flying through the chunk. Still trying to remember I have a droopah to use and getting the sliders to stay put.  


Race from Case to catch a ferry to and back to the field to hang with Lynn and the kids for the rest of the day. 

  Cheers Dicky!


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