Ronde de Rosey

24 hours.  What an amazing 24 hours.  A few weeks ago Chip tweeted about some preriding of the Ronde route, I wanted in.  Actually, I wanted in a few years ago… seemed like just the thing that would be right up my alley.  Utah put me on his ‘Team Camelstache’…flannel required…so flannel was acquired.  Ronde de Rosey is actually a benefit ride for a very worthy cause, Bikes Not Bombs; they reclaim thousands of bikes each year and ship most of them overseas to economic development projects while some stay here to help teens learn skills. So this was going to be good.

Woke up early, and while Lynn rode in the woods…(YAY!  So happy she got to ride in the woods) I watched Maleficent with the girls in the basement.  Head out of town at lunch to get to Utah’s crib and roll for a while.  Matt and I spoke while on the #farmtoSSAP ride (write up still to come) he offered up a place to stay dinner and breakfast… how could I refuse?!?!

Show up, hand Utah some coffee and he tells me it’s his birthday… awesome!  Plenty of daylight left we head up to Peters Hill to check out the Boston skyline with some tasty Moat Mountain beverages.  I love Boston and it was certainly fun to have Utah show me around his hood a bit.  A lovely dinner and we head out to stash the toasty bevs for the mid ride stop… we chilled in the moon light drinking an Iron Mike and chatted away, I’ll remember that for a long time.  We shot over to meet his GF and played some Cards for Humanity… a first for me.


6A came early, real early… a home cooked breakfast sammich some coffee, add Stan’s to my tubes and we had an easy spin to the start/finish.  Doug came out to join in the reindeer games, big hugs! After meeting the rest of Team Camelstache Robert, Matt and Uri… and Utah contemplating a tube change it was shaping up to be a spectacular ride.  We rolled out under a gorgeous sky, awash  in flannel with Robert blasting some 90’s hip hop.  Robert and Uri geared CX bikes Matt, Utah and I on SSCX and Doug rolled on his SSMTB, we kept it chill on the road and braap the trails.  The first part of singletrack sent a warning shot for the day, we passed two to three groups fixing flats… they wouldn’t affect our group  until much later…Utah had two, and changed a tire, Myette changed as fast as a NASCAR team, and Robert got his in the last little bit of singletrack.  We were killing it on some singletrack hoping along to the Robert’s soundtrack and having a blast.  Some dude came rolling up breathing heavy, he’d been chasing us asking if anyone had lost a phone… nope not us.  Tan/white phone case… doesn’t ring a bell… … it’s right by that logover by the bridge… hey wait *checks pocket* it’s mine.  I gave Robert some ribbing about not doing a logever and the trailgods gave me the “whatfor?” and I lost my phone.  This dude, he not only found it, knew exactly where it was and could communicate it, and chased us down… Freaking awesome, he gets all the trail karma!  We back tracked it, with the bonus of getting to ride the swoopy fun singletrack two more times.  We ended up more Ronde de Camelstache than Ronde de Rosey…  getting lost, findng extra singletrack, getting back on track and doing it all over again…really a fantastic time.  At one point we were just looking for the beer stop, at least I was, took a short cut to get there… finding some more groups.  We sat and ate and drank a couple of tasty Moat Mountains, took pictures, and decided to Zig instead of Zag.  We ran into other groups along the way, and ended up getting real turned around pointing the bike down, we looked at the map and headed straight for the bar.

pre ride

Post ride raffle was held at the Washington Square Tavern, a really nice place with tasty food and nice beers on tap.  Gerry, the owner, was super nice enough to host it and Rosey gave us ample time to eat and drink before calling the numbers. Rosey had scored some really nice raffles for the party, and HUP provided a keg of Pinner, tasty session IPA from Oskar Blues.  I was super stoked to come away with some nice goods, first a sweet Ortlieb pack and second a Skratch Labs pack; that I split up and traded with that Kevin Church kid and got a Cuppow.


I saw soo many good people that I haven’t seen in a while, some since my last whirlwind Boston tour.  I was so pumped that Maggs fresh off a plane from Italy rode down to the post ride, got to meet and ride with some really great people.  Fun times.  Huge thanks to Rosey for letting me join in, for Utah being a fantastic host, and my wife and kids for always being wonderful.



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