Singlespeed-A-Palooza 2014

What a fantastic weekend. This is a must. George and his merry gang throw one helluva party. I mean a really really good time.  I could go on and on, just know that it really is that awesome.

SSAP 2014 was about learning things for me, two of them pretty major and lots of little.

1- I learned my kryptonite. Camping out with good people, hanging around a campfire… In that atmosphere, a full cooler of good beer is my downfall.

2- I’m a spinner not a masher. I ran a 34-18 would’ve loved a 19, and Scott riding a 34-20 was an eye opener. I love to SS, and still learning my sweet spot.

I headed up Saturday about lunch time, Wayne and Kim were waiting so we could pre-ride together. Chill ride with good people on a gorgeous day, yes please!  When we got back we Maggs and Doug came from their epic pre-ride from Hartford CT, the lunatics. LWTim showed up a bit later. Then Clark Brothers Racing joining us with Team Awesome and the DAS crew and shit was on. The good people at Moat Brewing, who support CBR, provided ample supply of tasty beers and I partook…and a good time was had by all! Fairly certain I missed dinner, but I had cookies, from Cookie who had shown up with LuLu.

Sunday morning came Gary saved my skin by giving me a couple of bananas and some granola.  Gun goes off and I’m just off the lead group for a spell, got stuck in no mans land, and the chase group caught me. Scott was in a made a crafty little move passing 4 or 5 people right before the singletrack. I burned some matches trying to catch back up. I eventually caught home and got in front of him on a fire road at the halfway mark. He was on my wheel as we passed the “aid” station and for the first time I didn’t partake. The punchy climbs thereafter really showed me I was over geared. Scott passed me on the longest of the climbs, I brought him just into sight again and I dropped my chain!?!? I was pretty gassed towards the end and when Wayne came around and told me to grab his wheel I didn’t have it. I battled and passed some guys, and Erwin held me off for tenth.

In the end, I raced hard and my finish wasn’t as strong as it needed to be. Scott beat me by a minute and a half, he placed 6th, I placed 11th.

No what ifs… Just a helluva weekend!

It was soo good to see everyone, if I tried to tag everyone, I’d miss and feel horrible, so I’m tagging the usual suspects and DHGeorge! Thanks again George and crew!


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