Monster CX 40+ MTB

I was looking forward to using this 50 mile race as a litmus test for Utah. I flew down on Thursday to FL to surprise my Ma for her retirement dinner. Friday afternoon, I flew up to VA to see Bill and Julie and hang with them on Sat. All that with a two hour drive to the race site meant I wasn’t super rested for the race. It was to be a pretty fast race, flattish with some rollers on jeep roads, a course very well suited for a cx bike. Thankfully I race my MTB, because it was only the second time I’d ridden the damn thing since August. My goal was sub 3:30 a stretch goal of 3:15 and wanted to finish in the top 25% of my class of 107. I started near the front in the third row, the grid was massive…nearly 700. I started out pretty well and was fairly soon was on the limit. I has planned to settle in after about 20 minutes, but there was always someone right there so I never let myself get comfortable. I finished the first lap in 1:19, they sent us on a lollipop where I saw the line of chasers coming in the other direction and getting after it. My second loop I clearly blew up, I normally negative split but not this time. I lost ten minutes to my first loop. Clearly I didn’t settle when I should’ve, I stayed in the red a ton, I tried to bridge gaps and got stuck in no mans land when I should’ve stayed with the group I was with, and finally cramped evil like in the last 5 miles or so.
I finished up in 3:28 beating my first goal and am still waiting on results to see if I finished in the top 25%. I know 3:23 was top 15, so I’m hopeful I made that goal.
If I had corrected some of those mistakes, I believe 3:15 could’ve been achievable. But this is where I wanted to learn from them, not in Utah.


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