Hell of Hunterdon


One of my favorite rides last year, meant it was definitely on the list this. It meant I’d miss the four hr race, Tuscarora, but you can’t do everything. Roy decided to come along, it would be his first ride of the year…it would be a wonderful day. A beautiful 77 mile mixed surface ride, out of Lambertville, NJ with shy of 6k of climbing. I’d been looking forward to riding my #SSCX, Roy leant me some MSO 40s and I’d be running the only gear I ever run, 39×18. That custom steel frame and fork with those MSOs at 35psi meant I’d be a comfortable all day.

The morning went just as planned, catching up with Roy, good parking spot… Right up until I realized I left all of my on the bike stuff at home, food tube pump etc… Whoops. I went out in the 5th waive and testing the body one more time. I had a nutella equivalent and a couple of gels and would just make it work. I felt good straight away, a little pinned on some early climbs but having a blast. I became cognoscente of my lack of nutrition and decided to ease back. I caught up with some friends along the way who’d gone earlier, it was great seeing soo many people I knew and putting faces to names of people I’d only ever known from the interwebs. I cruised into aid 1 in 2:15 using just one single water bottle, and I was pleasant to be around, a new one for me. I ate a half a banana some fig newtons and grabbed one of those new apple sauce thingies by power bar. Shortly after 1 the lack of calories started catching up, I are the applesauce thingy and started sucking wheels to avoid the wind. ‘Hey do you mind if a single speeder sucks your wheel a bit’ I found a nice group, made a new friend who gave me a nibble of some macro bar and was having fun. The group paused a bit and that left PatZ and I to find a new one, except moments later he ripped my legs off climbing Pine Hill. I would’ve see him again until beers at the end. I was able to climb Pine Hill, albeit with some back and forth going on, that felt good. I saw some walkers of bikes up that hill and that motivated me to finish the job. WTF does a SS do that to you? After Pine Hell, I was brought back to reality for a spell. The wind picked up, the miles and calorie deficiency started to add up, and while I was having fun, I was slightly off. The last aid station I had Coke another half a banana and a couple more fig newtons. My energy spiked by both the soda and being on the home stretch. It blurs a bit from there… I remember a fun down hill dirt/gravel descent. Trying to hold a Richard Fries lead freight train and having my legs ripped off. And a Colavita rider who didn’t have very good tech-fu but had a FCKN motor. I finished up with her and a couple other guys, fun as hell pulling down the stretch with them.

I turned some heads on my hand made steel SSCX rolling on 40s. It was fun holding a pace line at about 22 with some guys riding 10k bikes running deep dish wheels. Leading up to two and for a while after I was in a lull, I had less spunk but had a blast. I got a lot of questions about how it was to ride a single speed on this course. It was a fun day on the bike, I didn’t have to think, had no bail out gears and just kept cruising along and ‘living the dream’.

After the ride, warmed by the sun, I hung with some really really good people. Roy and I had a great dinner at Swan’s and headed back. Another fantastic day riding bikes with friends old and new.


During the ride my nutrition for the day-
A banana
Five fig newtons
Applesauce power bar thingy
A coke
Nutella like spread
Piece of a macro bar PatZ gave me.

All while burning 4400 calories. I earned those post ride beers.


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