It’s been a year. One full year to the day since Jeff and I went out for a pre ride that would change our lives. Ok, that may be presumptuous, but it sure as hell changed mine. It was the Friday before the Vermont 50, and we went out for a simple ride to get some of the Ascutney singletrack in and spin out the legs. We’ve ridden those trails very several years and sorta knew our way around. We headed up the road after stopping at the general store. Cruising up to the head of the trail, Jeff stopped and looked at the map, I remember passing him as he had the map in his teeth. I remember cresting a small hill and then…. Nothing. I fell some 15 feet into a rocky stream bed, breaking my collarbone, shoulder blade, 5 ribs, bruising my lung, chipping teeth and was unconscious. According to Jeff, it was a surreal experience seeing me just slip off a wet wooden bridge. I was tracking with my front tire, down the middle and once the rear hit…poof. Then crash bang boom. Jeff Carlson saved my life that day. He’s tired of me thanking him, though I’m not tired of saying it.

Thank you, again, Jeff Carlson.


After recovering from surgery to put a Ti plate on my collarbone. We hit the gym and I prepared for season. I did well all things considered, I made great gains over prior years, set PR’s, qualified for the NUE series, and had, for me, good results. I raced all over the country like a madman, including one stretch of the Wilderness101, the Darkhorse40, the 24 Hrs of Great Glen, and the Hampshire100. I raced representing le Cadre, Something Wicked, my friends and of course my family. I raced while feeling lucky to be alive, giving every race whatever I had and loved every minute of it.

Ironically, I sit here in the same position as I was last yr, recovering from surgery and looking forward to next season. I’m looking to make significant gains this winter, and examining the best to avenue get there.


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