Starting over. Again.

Ten days short of a full year since my near fatal accident, I broke the Titanium plate in my shoulder. The story how is riveting. I had meetings instead of a normal office day drop the kids off and head home. I had a bit of time before I had to leave, so I wrenched on my road bike in advance for the Tour DaVita. I had replaced the cables, cassette and put on a new chain. While setting the masterlink I pulled the chain in a manner akin to tightening boot laces. While doing so…BAM, and I was on the floor. That’s it. A titanium plate, split in half. Evidently when they installed the plate, they set the bone to far apart and the bone didn’t fuse.

So now what… Surgery Wednesday. I miss Tour DaVita. I miss the Vermont 50. I miss the Triple Crown. After that I don’t know. I’ll work on making sure I’m close to race weight, I’ll head to the gym to work on leg strength, I’ll work on my flexibility. Much more than that???


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